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sukanto Kuri
Jun 30, 2022
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rapid development of national economy and network technology, the state's policy and financial support for vocational education are also gradually increasing. Under this new situation, it is feasible to build an "integrated" basic course teaching platform for graphic design. . The fusion mentioned here mainly refers to the fusion within the basic courses. For example, the existing painting courses "Sketch" and "Color" are integrated into the "Basic of 2D Modeling". In addition, it is also necessary to effectively integrate basic courses and professional courses, that is, scientific integration of theoretical courses and practical courses, and also to scientifically integrate diversity and innovation in curriculum design. 3. Build a complete teaching system In the process Image Manipulation Service of developing secondary vocational graphic design teaching, teachers are required to comprehensively consider the relationship between each course and its impact on the development of students' comprehensive quality, build a perfect teaching system, and realize the optimization of the course structure. Specifically, we can start from the following aspects: First, clarify the teaching sequence and scientifically determine the sequence of teaching content. Second, reasonable and safe teaching activities, teachers can arrange corresponding teaching activities according to the characteristics of secondary vocational students and teaching objectives. Third, flexibly choose the form of teaching organization. In the process of teaching, teachers can use methods such as theory combined with practice, learning combined with competition, school combined with society, etc. to carry out teaching, so as to effectively improve students' creative ability. Fourth, optimize teaching methods. Teachers can effectively use multimedia technology to carry out teaching. Teachers can use Weibo, WeChat and other information exchange platforms to encourage students to display their design works, so that students can promote and appreciate each other. Fifth, scientifically select teaching methods. Teachers can use image, intuition, situation, and case teaching methods as much as possible according to the characteristics of secondary vocational students' cognition and intelligence to help students understand and perceive relevant knowledge content more intuitively. , and improve their interest in learning, thereby improving the teaching effect.

sukanto Kuri

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